Programming is a fundamental skill in computer science. Our team places heavy emphasis on programming best-practices. We often use LabVIEW for our coding, but we will use Java under certain circumstances to best fit the situation. We have occasionally used C and C++ in the past. Here you will find past Robot Code and other projects our programming team has worked on, organized by year.




  • Robot Code (LabVIEW) – 2017 Competition Code. Includes CAN drive train and shooter, autonomous scripting, custom vision code, and more. The documentation can be found here.
  • Dashboard Code (LabVIEW) – The FRC Dashboard code used with the 2017 robot during competition.
  • Autonomous Script Manager (Java) – The 2017 version of the Autonomous Script Manager used to build Autonomous routines as CSV files.
  • Autonomous Routines – All of the CSV files that make up the 2017 Autonomous routines.





  • Robot Code (LabVIEW) – Contains all of the robot code for FRC Team 2655’s 2015 competition robot.
  • Dashboard Code (LabVIEW) – The FRC dashboard code used with the 2015 robot in competition.
  • Neopixel Code (Arduino) – This Arduino code controls the Neopixels on the 2015 FRC Competition Robot.
  • Small Demo Bot Code (C++) – Foam ball-launching robot code. Used for outreach and demos.
  • Balancing Bot Code (C++) – Contains all of the code for the 2015 Balancing Bot offseason project.



  • Robot Code (Java) – This is the 2014 robot code.



  • Robot Code (Java) – Code written for the 2013 build season robot.