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FIRST Robotics

FIRST® is the world’s leading child-serving nonprofit advancing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). For nearly 30 years, FIRST has evolved into a global movement by engaging millions of people with a proven game-changer for preparing kids to solve the world’s greatest problems. FIRST programs inspire innovation and leadership through engaging, hands-on robotics challenges developed to ignite curiosity and passion in students in grades K-12. FIRST builds powerful mentorship relationships between young people and STEM professionals, helping kids gain confidence to explore the innovation process while they learn valuable science, engineering, technology, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. FIRST creates the people who will change the world – today and tomorrow. 

To learn more, visit the FIRST official website.

FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. captures young children’s curiosity and directs it toward discovering the wonders of science and technology. This program features a real-world scientific concept to be explored through research, teamwork, construction, and imagination. Guided by adult coaches, teams use LEGO® Education WeDo to build and program a model that moves and develop a Show Me Poster to illustrate their journey.

In FIRST® LEGO® League, children are immersed in real-world science and technology challenges. Teams design their own solution to a current scientific question or problem and build autonomous robots that perform a series of missions based on an annual theme. Through their participation, children develop valuable life skills and discover exciting career possibilities while learning that they can make a positive contribution to society.

FIRST® Tech Challenge is designed for students who want
to compete head to head using an exciting sports model.
Teams design, build, and program their robots to compete
on a 12′ X 12′ field, in an Alliance format, against other
teams. Robots are built from a reusable platform, powered by
Android technology, and programmed using Java or Blockly.
Teams, including coaches, mentors, and volunteers, develop
strategy and build robots based on sound engineering
principles, such as rapid prototyping. Awards are given for
the competition, as well as community outreach, design, and
other real-world accomplishments.

FIRST® Robotics Competition combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. To meet a new challenge each year, teams of 10 or more students hone teamwork skills, design, build, and program a robot during six weeks to perform tasks against a field of competitors, create a team “brand,” and raise needed funds. Participants use the same tools used by professional engineers, LabVIEW® graphical design software from National Instruments. Professional Mentors provide their time and talents to help each team succeed. 

FIRST Robotics Competition is as close to real-world engineering as a student can get. It’s a sport where all participants may choose to become a professional.