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Week 4 — 2017

Week 4 has come and gone, and much progress has been made. Our biggest accomplishment is the completion of our physical robot! All the hardware is built, and now we only have to perfect the software. Once this is done, we’ll train our drive team and cement our strategy. We’re not posting a picture at this time… but soon our reveal video will be out! Look for it on our YouTube channel, Flying Platypi Team 2655.

Speaking of cementing our strategy, we have done a bit of that! But that’ll have to wait till competition!

Something that is publishable right now, though, is the anticipated construction of our second robot. With the quirks worked out of our first robot, and foreknowledge of the building process, we plan to build a carbon clone of the first. Then, the second robot becomes our competition bot, and the first becomes practice bot.

Remember to check back at the end of Week 5, and let us know how your robot is doing in the comments below!